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On 1st October 2012, following decision no. 30 dated 14/06/2012 taken by the Municipal Council, integrated thanks to executive decision no. 948 dated 13/07/2012, the Municipality of Rimini introduced a Tourist Tax.
The tax applies to overnight stays for tourists for a maximum of 7 consecutive nights.
The tax applicable for this accommodation facility is 2,50 euro per person per night. 
The following exemptions apply:

  • children under 14 years of age;
  • subjects assisting bed-ridden patients admitted to hospitals or clinics on the municipal territory, in the measure  of one helper per patient;
  • personnel of the national or local police forces or other armed forces, as well as members of the national Fire Fighting Corps on transfer for work reasons;
  • one coach driver and one tour guide assisting groups organized by travel and tourism agencies for every 25 participants;
  • salaried personnel staying at the accommodation facility in which they work;
  • until 31/12/2012 subjects resident in the areas affected by the recent earthquake, as identified by the Civil Defence;

We wish to inform guests that in the event of failure to pay, late payment or partial payment of the tax mentioned above, the Municipality of Rimini will arrange to retrieve the tax not paid, in addition to any sanctions and interest applicable, in compliance with existing provisions.



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