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Rimini Inland – Rimini Itineraries and the medieval villages of the Romagna Riviera

A vacation at Rimini, aside from the beach and fun, can also provide other pleasant surprises: all it takes is a trip into the inlands, just a few kilometers from the coast and its beaches, to discover astounding lands and tours.

Rimini enjoys an inland which is just waiting to be discovered where you will find unexpected artistic, historical and cultural legacies. The inland is rich in ancient villages and castles, naturalistic tours and places swimming in ancient culture. All this will make your beach vacation even more special.

At just a few kilometers away from Rimini is the wonderful Republic of San Marino, one of the smallest and oldest states of the world, with its characteristic medieval towers placed high on rocky  clusters from which the view onto the Rimini valley is truly breathtaking.

Castles and fortresses abound in the area: up the river Parecchia among the inlands to the northeast of Rimini, one can experience a charming valley and visit the villages of Montebello, Torriana, Verrucchio and Santarcangelo.

To the south, it is possible to visit the territories of the Alta Valmarecchia which became part of the county of Rimini after 193 years of belonging to the Marche. Here the village of San Leo, built on an enormous rocky cluster, can be admired while enjoying a spectacular view, one of the most breathtaking of the land. Santa Agata Feltria hosts the famous national Fair of the prestigious white truffle every year and Pennabilli is where the exhibition "Artisti in Piazza", a festival dedicated to street artists, is held.

Continuing south, one comes across Gradara, a wonderful village built around its castle whose magnificent atmosphere provided the backdrop to the love story between Paolo e Francesca as told by Dante in the Divine Comedy.

But the Romagna region also offers many other tours into the inlands, both naturalistic and dedicated to food and wine. In the territories surrounding the valleys of Conca and Ventena, one comes across the villages of Montefiore Conca, Montecolombo, Montescudo, Gemmano, Saludecio, Mondaino and Montegridolfo, true architectural masterpieces set in the green countryside.

This land also houses the Natural Reserve of Onfero with its Grottoes of Onfero, a charming formation of Karst grottoes which are beautiful to visit either by day or by night.

In the wonderfully charming city of Rimini, culture and fun, modern and ancient are perfectly combined making the possibilities for a marvelous vacation absolutely unlimited.
Ask us at the National Hotel of Rimini for information on discovering the inlands of Rimini and the many events which it reserves for its visitors.



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